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Create an escape at the office, with your vacation photographs.

“Sand and Surf… A vacation photo transformed into canvas art”

“Sand and Surf… A vacation photo transformed into canvas art”

Vacations are a time to create memories and escape from the daily grind. The world is yours to explore. Enjoy the time off and take lots of pictures.

When you return to work why not surround yourself with visual representation of your escape and turn your vacation shots into pictures on canvas

CanvasPop was able to help a customer transform her digital image into artwork for her walls.

“My husband captured this shot while on vacation in Hawaii a few years ago. This photo has been one of my favorites ever since.”

Surround yourself with your favorite photos because they can trigger positive emotions, reduce stress and improve your state of mind.  

The Business Committee for the Art and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors found that upwards of 73% of employees believed that artwork in the office helps to reduce stress, increase creativity, and enhance corporate moral.

Create an escape with your vacation shots and cover your walls with photo enlargements.

As you venture off on holidays keep an eye out for interesting shots. It might just be your next art piece!

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