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Autumn Photos as Canvas Art

Maple Leaf

Last week marked the end of summer and the beginning of a new season. Do not miss your opportunity to capture the essence of autumn in your photographs.

Bright, radiant leaves are a big part of Fall, but they only last for so long. How many times have you let life get in the way and missed your opportunity for autumn photography?  I know I have…

This year do not let time escape you… Do not utter the phrase “I don’t want to get my camera out right now I’m (insert excuse here).  This is the perfect time to enjoy some time outside.

You do not have to be a professional photographer or have a DSLR camera to turn digital photos into personalized artwork.  Most of today’s compact cameras are more than sufficient.

To capture the best images of Fall it is important to understand the most common shooting modes on your digital camera, while using the vivid color option.

a-guide-to-camera-modes-1Automatic: The most common mode of shooting for most digital camera owners. It will give you the best results in most shooting conditions. This mode tells your camera to determine the best settings to capture the best shot.

portrait-mode-1Portrait Mode: In portrait mode the camera will automatically select a larger aperture (a smaller #). This will create a background that is out of focus and works best when there is a single subject to focus on.

macro-1Macro Mode: In macro mode the image is recorded as the same or larger than the actual size of the subject. For some more tips and considerations for shooting in this mode, check out our blog entry on macro photography.

landscape-icon-1Landscape Mode: Landscape mode is the opposite of portrait mode.  It sets the camera up with a small aperture or larger # ensuring that everything is in focus. (Great for Fall photos)

sports-icon-1Sports Mode: This mode is best for capturing objects that are moving.  It attempts to freeze the action by increasing the shutter speed.

Children are one of the most exciting subjects to photograph because they are carefree.   Kids love to have fun, they do what is unexpected, and they like to explore. Capture candid photographs of your kids this fall by remembering these tips and considerations:

Kid-Fall-Canvas1) Get down to their level– Changing your perspective will allow you to view the world through their eyes and put them at ease.

2) Ask them questions– This will get them talking and thinking about something other than having their photo taken.

3) Use continuous shooting mode– This will allow you to capture more than one image in a sequence.

4) Let children guide the photo session- Do not try and get that perfect shot by telling the child how to act or what to do.

Remember to take lots of photos as it may take many attempts to get a successful shot. The key is to experiment with your camera settings and have fun.

Any picture can be transformed into a piece of nostalgic art when enlarged on canvas. CanvasPop created the custom canvas print above from a favorite family photo.

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