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Photo on Canvas- Customer Spotlight

How many times have you let life get in the way and missed your opportunity for autumn photography?  I know I have.

This is just what Chad Galloway set to capture the changing leaves and the fall colors. He tells CanvasPop that he would have not captured the original picture if it had not been for the State Troopers.

You see at first he didn’t even notice this wooded area . A few towns later he ended up getting stopped by the state trooper and having his car towed because the insurance card in his car had expired. Even with valid insurance, he had no way of proving this. Chad ended up spending the night in a small town in the middle of nowhere.

The next day and hundreds of dollars later he was able to get his car back. He started heading back home and was in no mood to take pictures.

CanvasPop- Image Galloway

"The forest was so dense and the vegetation was so bight. I had to stop and take a few pics no matter how bad I felt. I’m kinda glad it worked out the way it did though because I probably never would have got this pic, if I hadn’t been pulled over" Galloway

Chad did not set out in search of the perfect photo that day and ending up printing fall photos on canvas.  You never know when you might capture your next  picture for a canvas enlargement.

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