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Aerial Photography on Canvas


36" x 54" Black and White Aerial Photo

Do you have Aerial photography you want printed?

Aerial photography is the act of taking photographs of the ground from the air. The image above displays an aerial photograph taken with a telephoto lens that is displayed in our co-founders office.

We have all seen shots of Aerial photography, but have you ever had the chance to fly in a small aircraft over the countryside? For some of us we have not had the opportunity, while others have seized the opportunity to capture some photos up in the air.

aerial-photography-on canvas2

Two 18" x 24" Aerial Photos printed on canvas

Anoushka Afonso from New York, NY printed her personal aerial photography on canvas. She tells CanvasPop that the two photos were taken about a year ago while she was flying over the San Francisco area in a small aircraft.

Her camera of choice?  A Cannon power shoot camera. You do not  have to be a professional photographer or have a DSLR camera to create photos on canvas.

Photo Credit (Jenn W. from CanvasPop of A. Afonso’s aerial photos enlarged on canvas)