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FAQ: What kind of images can I use to create my canvas prints?

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What kind of images can I use to create my canvas prints?

Today marks the kickoff to our weekly MailBag feature. Every Tuesday, we will answer questions that we have had asked over the phone, online via Twitter or Live Chat or via email and in person.

This week’s question is one of the most popular with professionals and amateurs alike. When selecting a personal photo or digital image many have asked:

Question: What kind of images can you use to create my canvas prints?

Answer: We can actually use just about any image. That’s the fun thing about CanvasPop, you can print your photos from any formation and work with practically any resolution.

Our highly skilled design and print technicians can work with virtually any image format, size, and resolution. They will even suggest the canvas size that best suits your image!

Remember to keep these points in mind when selecting the image for your next canvas print.

  • We accept all popular formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and more.
  • You must own copyright or have permission to use the image.
  • For photo-realistic results, we find it best to use higher resolution images (150 dpi at the size you want).
  • Generally your file size will be around 1MB – 5MB, but we can accept files up to 20MB in size.
  • If you don’t have a higher resolution image, CanvasPop’s customized effects and filters will allow you to print even the lowest resolution image (72 dpi) and enlarge it to nearly any size.

Photo Credit (姒儿喵喵)

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