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The 50’s Potato Haul is Turned into Canvas Pictures!

Today’s customer spotlight section features the canvas pictures created by
Dan K from Maine.  Both of his canvas pictures turned out great, but are drastically
different in subject and style. Take a look at pictures and tell us what you think!


If you look closely you can actually see bullet holes on the passenger windshield pane.

Dan tells CanvasPop that the photo of this old truck was taken back in 2003 a
couple of miles from the house his wife grew up in. Her father was a retired potato
farmer from Frenchville, ME and this truck was used to haul potatoes back in the
50’s. It now sits on another potato farmer’s land just adjacent to his.


A Taste of Spring- The Vibrant colors are back... Well maybe not just yet!

There is not much to say in regards to a story behind this photo. Dan tells CanvasPop
that it is some sort of bush that flowers each spring in his  yard.  The colors are very
intense and I took a photo close up of some of the buds.

Want to learn how to capture your own close up shots?