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“The Bean” Honored as a Photo Enlargement.

The photo enlargements we print on canvas for our customers always have a story that we love to hear.

Susan from Atlanta, Georgia shares this touching story about her photo enlargement with CanvasPop. The original photo of this sculpture nicknamed the “The Bean” was taken at the center of the AT&T Plaza in Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois from a business trip last summer.


Susan chose this particular photo to create a photo enlargement for her husband’s Valentine’s Day gift this year. Seven years ago, her husband Alan had to have a kidney transplant and Susan was lucky enough to be his donor. The Doctors never imagined that she would be a match for him, but she insisted on being tested for compatibility. To all of their amazement, she was a match.

Susan had this to say about their special bond. “The anniversary of our surgery date is always a special day for us and this photo was taken last year on our kidney anniversary day.  Since I was out of town on business and we were unable to be together to celebrate – this photo has even a little more meaning!”

What did Alan think of the photo enlargement?

Susan tells us that “Alan loved it!  Thought it was the greatest thing!  He couldn’t believe that I found a company that could do this.  He (like myself) was honored when I read your email to him about CanvasPop wanting to feature it on the blog! …We’ve even started thinking about the next photo we want to have done! I promise – you’ll be hearing from us again!”

Thanks so much to Susan for sharing your story with us. The whole team at CanvasPop is honored that we could create this special photo enlargement for you and your husband.

Do you have a favorite photo that you want to turn into a personalized photo enlargement?