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Help Us Decide the Winner of Our Canvas Prints Contest.

Wow! Thanks to everyone who submitted photos of their canvas prints as part of our Upload Your Photos and WIN $200 Contest!

So many great photos were submitted to our Facebook page and our Flickr group by the fans of CanvasPop over the past week that it’s hard to determine the winners. We have narrowed the selection down to the TOP 10 Canvas Prints, but we need help deciding the winners of  the $200 Gift Certificates – We’re giving away two!

How do I place my Vote?

  1. Take a look at the TOP 10 Canvas Prints below.
  2. Select Your 2 Favorites.
  3. Leave your Vote (the photo #’s) as a Comment.

WINNERS will be Announced Monday March 29th, 2010.


1) Heather took this pictures during her flight to Cambodia.


2) Jamie created this canvas as a Valentines Day present to my fiance 🙂


3) Krystal had this to say about her photo! "Our kids posing today next to the CanvasPop that keeps the dream of summer alive. We live in Canada's Yukon Territory and it normally hangs in our living room. This picture was such a hit that we ordered two more as gifts for their grandmothers who both live thousands of miles away."


4) Brandon created this Illustration as an xmas gift for my wife. It was one image converted into a horizonatal triptych.


5) Mike had this to say about his submission "This is a CanvasPop print of a good friend's dog, Murphy. I gave it as a Christmas gift when they first got him and I thought this shot would highlight a nice contrast between what Murphy looks like now compared to when he was only a few months old! Still have to get it on the wall somewhere though. This one is definitely a favourite."


6) David's Story: This photo was taken in NE Utah inside Canyonlands National Park. It's a very popular photo spot. Had to wake up at 5AM and drive 45 min into the park. Fought for my spot amongst 6 other photographers. But to see the intense orange glow under the arch at sunrise was well worth the effort.

Timberwolf-on-canvas-Chris- Klus

7) CanvasPop did an awesome job at printing this dramatic image of a timber wolf.


8) Ben bought his parents this canvas print from for Christmas. The picture was taken around the winter of 08/09 of our dog Molly who passed away last year.


9) Casey took home this scooter from Rome and put it in his basement. He needed more red in his life.


10) Karen took this photo while snorkeling in the Bahamas. She heard a boat motor, looked up & saw this shot. 3 birds on a rock, 3 men in the boat. Now she has this giant canvas on her wall and can relive this moment every time she walks into her bedroom! Love it!!

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