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Fan Photo Submissions- CanvasPop Reviews


A double exposure tree line shot, with detail & light distortion. Parc de la Gatineau, Luskville, Quebec.

Jamie Janx was so impressed  with his large format canvas print he just had to share it with everyone! Thanks so much for being the first to submit a photo to the CanvasPop Fan page on Facebook and share your CanvasPop review.

This particular photo was commissioned by one of his clients to print a panoramic landscape on canvas from his latest photographic portfolio and Jamie had this to say about his experience with CanvasPop:

What were you looking for in a large format print lab?

“I’ve been in the industry for many years, some of those years, running a pro photographic lab and was a little worried about:

  • The color rendition and
  • The general print quality
  • The ability to ship oversized pieces to Canada.

“My client wanted the image printed on canvas, stretched at a final size of 4.5 ft wide. I said to myself let’s give CanvasPop a try, the CanvasPop reviews on the’re site are awesome, everybody seems happy with the work, the detailed description of they’re process, and let’s not forget, quality large format printing with shipping to Canada. So I submitted the order online.”

What did Janx think of the finished image printed on canvas?

“Once it got here…WOW! Perfect color rendition and beautiful quality. Not only did CanvasPop print and stretch the canvas, but they also included the hanging wire and the small rubber cushions for the four corners of the print. So simple, out of the box, sign my artwork, place it on the wall. My client was over the top happy. I’m so pleased with the professionalism from all aspects of CanvasPop, I even blogged about my experience. I’ll be printing on canvas a whole lot more now. Thanks CanvasPop!”