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A Sneak Peek at Our New Office Space

It’s official!  CanvasPop is moving to a new facility. The new location is a super-funky converted factory building. This one has it all. Ultra high 30 ft ceilings, exposed steel beams and concrete. The factory space/building will be separated from the office space by a huge 1o ft x 20 ft steel barn door on sliders. This means we’ll still keep our dedicated production and framing shop close to us while reducing noise (no more mitre saws and nail guns going off in the background when you call customer support :-). For us, having our factory and customer support under one roof is critical to maintaining the quality of our products and better serving you, our customer.

Our explosive growth this year has meant we have completely ran out of space. The new facility is three times larger than our existing facility. The new set up will allow us to produce and deliver 500+ pieces a day.

I was on site today and  the old gray carpeting has been removed and the 100 year old concrete floor underneath is being polished to high gloss shine.

Still need to hook up the new phone systems, data cables, and move about 2 tons of heavy equipment in. We’re really excited about this new space. Stay tuned! We’ll be posting updates.