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Print iPhone Pictures To Create Wall Sized Art.


You probably have great pictures sitting right in your iPhone (or whatever camera phone you use) but did you know that you can print these pictures at any size?  Todd Bernhard of iPhone Life magazine snapped a picture on his brand new iPhone, uploaded it to CanvasPop and shows us how to print iPhone pictures on canvas.

Stop taking pictures and start taking works of art with CanvasPop!

By Todd Bernhard, Submitted Thursday, August 5, 2010

If Yogi Berra were to assess today’s use of cameras he might say: “Nobody takes photographs anymore… they’re too busy taking pictures.” If you’re like me, you have thousands of digital pictures stored on hard drives and online galleries but only print a tiny fraction of them. Once in a while we’ll find “a keeper” and enlarge it to 11″x14″ and frame it, but by and large, photos stay on the computer and maybe a digital photo frame.

With this in mind, I tried something new. CanvasPop is an easy-to-use service that accepts digital photos and turns them into works of art. You can select from a wide assortment of sizes and finishing options.  Available effects are Comic Book, Color Sketch, Pop Art, Sepia, Vintage, Black & White, Lomo, Color Isolate and Oil Painting.

Since the result is delivered on canvas on a wooden frame, I went with ‘Oil Painting’ to complete the effect.  The result looks like it was painted, complete with drips and drabs, so you should decide if you want something photo realistic or more impressionistic.

print-iphone-photos printingiphonepictures

The photo you submit doesn’t necessarily have to be a 10 megapixel high resolution image, especially if you’re going to use one of their special effects. The 5 megapixel camera in the new iPhone 4 should do the trick.  Read More!

Visit the source: iPhone Life Magazine