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Art show displays Fuel’s finest on canvas

Stephen DaggitAt CanvasPop we love great art, and every time we get a chance, we love to support up-and-coming artists.

On September 4, we had the honour of attending a great art show sponsored by our friends at Fuel Industries at La Petit Mort Gallery.

A few of Fuel’s talented graphic artists and designers were on hand to display some of their original works of art — with a small assist from CanvasPop.

Fuel Industries Lead Illustrator/Concept Artist, Stephen Daggit, was on hand displaying some of his fantastic digital art including Cardinal Sin and a piece that was featured on the CanvasPop blog, King of the Kong.

“You can never really tell what it is going to look like until you see it on canvas,” said Stephen at the show.

CanvasPop is proud to have helped bring that art to life by supplying Stephen with canvas mounting services for the show.

Stephen’s colleague, Crystal Wall Lancaster, Lead illustrator at Fuel, was also at the show featuring some of her unique digital art and paintings.Crystal Wall Lancaster

Crystal’s signature style features female figures with “round faces framing extravagant eyes, pouted lips replacing chins, and very long necks”. Basically the girls who wouldn’t talk to me in high school.

Crystal was grateful for the support of her employer, Fuel, and thrilled to be supported in her personal artistic endeavors as well.

The canvases for Crystal’s digital art were also supplied by CanvasPop.

Also on display that evening was the debut of a cute and funny animated video by Fuel’s Jessica Borutski called “The Good Little Bunny With The Big Bad Teeth” that reminded us all of the importance of good oral hygiene. Time to go brush my teeth.