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CanvasPop begins fight against boring corporate art

Corporate Booklet-CoverEveryone has worked in one at some point, a boring office with off-white walls, grey cubicles and that industrial-strength carpet that looks like a scouring pad.

Inspired work requires an inspiring workplace, that’s why CanvasPop is launching its Corporate Art Program to help companies extend their brand to the walls.

The Corporate Art Program is designed to encourage clients to liven up their boring walls with some creative canvas prints that reenforce their corporate brand while at the same time providing some inspiration to their employees.

Corporate clients can take advantage of a free, no-obligation consultation with one of CanvasPop’s office art consultants and download a free, ebooklet entitled 10 Inspiring Corporate Art Ideas – Extend Your Brand to the Walls to provide a little inspiration. The ebooklet contains many examples of simple but stylish ways to spice up the walls of the corporate world with some beautiful examples of work CanvasPop has done for clients in the past.

Of course the ebooklet is just the beginning, if you have a corporate art idea let us know, we’ve probably done it before, and if we haven’t we can make it happen.