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CanvasPop Photographers’ Workshop a success

CanvasPop Photographers' Workshop














Last night CanvasPop hosted its first Photographers’ Workshop at our brand new (but still under construction) headquarters.

The evening was the first of what is expected to be many similar workshops to help transfer knowledge to the photography community and act as a resource for professional and amateur photographers to improve their craft and eventually monetize it.

More than 20 photographers were on hand as CanvasPop staff held information sessions, chatted up the photography community and had a few beverages.

First, co-founder Nazim Ahmed gave the audience a little DNA 11/CanvasPop history and background.

Lead Graphic Designer, Melissa Edwards, then gave a brief workshop on photo design in Photoshop covering topics such as enhancing photo quality, touching up photos, cropping and airbrushing.

Daniel Younger, Print master, spoke about  color profiles and the importance of color calibration.

Afterwards, photographers were taken on a tour of CanvasPop’s production facilities and given a rundown of the production process that takes digital images from memory card to canvas.

As a test run the event was a big success, we received a lot of great feedback and will be incorporating it into our plans for future events. Thanks to everyone who attended.