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New Year’s Resolutions


Now that the haze of turkey, champagne and too many sweets has worn off, it’s time to make some resolutions for the new year.

2010 was the most successful year ever for CanvasPop and DNA 11 and the fourth quarter of 2010 was our biggest ever!

We were overwhelmed with the volume of orders for the holiday season and we’re probably not quite as prepared as we would have liked.

However, we’re committed to constant improvement and working towards perfection so we’ve come up with a few resolutions for 2011.

Improve Customer Response Time — We have always been committed to fast, friendly and efficient customer service but our rapid growth strained our resources at the end of 2010. We are going to address this in 2011 to ensure our best-in-class customer service continues to be the best in the industry.

Improve the Proofing Process — One of the things that sets us apart in the industry are our free digital proofs and free design consultation process. This ensures that your canvas print turns out perfect. However, this sometimes takes a bit too long and we are working on ways to simplify and speed up the digital proof process. Stay tuned for more details later in the new year.

Improve Delivery Times — As a company the specializes in personalized, on-demand art our products take a little longer to produce as we don’t have inventory sitting in a warehouse — we make everything right as you order it. However, we realize that our shipping times can sometimes be a bit on the long side, and though we know our customers are patient, we’d like to work on improving our shipping times so you can enjoy your personalized art sooner.

Engage More with Customers — We’re a customer-focused business, and we like to engage directly with you as much as possible through channels such as Twitter, Facebook and this blog but in 2011 we want to do more. Customer engagement means two-way communication and we are exploring way to increase the dialog. Look for us to expand our use of social media, start asking customers questions directly through polls and increasing our use of multimedia.

Reward our Customers — Our biggest ambassadors are our customers. Every day we get emails, Facebook posts and tweets from customers thanking us and sharing their amazing personalized art. In 2011 we want to expand on our customer referral and loyalty programs to provide you with even more incentive to continue to use CanvasPop and share your experiences with friends. We’ll have more information on this in the coming weeks.

Have any suggestions for us? Ways we can improve our products or services in 2011? Email and let us know!