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Design Tip: How to Handle Photo Wrap Images

Image WrapThis is the frist in a series of design tips we’ll be featuring in the coming months. Each tip will be labelled with either a “beginner” “intermediate” or “expert” tag to indicate the level of complexity. As always, CanvasPop offers unlimited digital proofs and our PicturePerfect™ image tune-up free of charge to ensure your prints come out perfect.

Today’s tip: How to handle the canvas photo wrap [beginner]

When do you chose a photo wrap edge and when do you opt for a black or white solid edge? The answer is fairly easy.

Are the subjects touching the edge of the image? If yes, then opt for the solid edge, if no opt for the photo wrap.

There is an exception; if your subject is not touching the edge but they are close, remember we use 1.5 – 3 inches (depending on the depth of the frame) of image when stretching your portrait.

The last thing you want when creating a portrait is Aunt Betty getting wrapped around the side of the canvas.

You might ask, when should I choose the black edge, and when should I choose the white edge? This is really a matter of personal taste, however aesthetically the black edge works well with darker, saturated images, and the white edge works great with light, soft, pastel images.