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Design Tip: Sizing Your Photo Wrap


A properly sized photo wrap can often be the difference between a a good canvas print and a great canvas print. It can add that extra touch that puts your image over the top.

Last time, we briefly touched on the typical dos and don’ts of photo wraps, but for those of you who get it, and want a little more advanced detail on how to size your photography properly, here are some step by step instructions:

.75″ Depth: A popular choice for smaller canvases, (i.e.: 8×10’, 12×16)

To successfully size for a .75″ photo wrap, add 1.5 inches to all four sides of your image.PhotowrapPic2

Lets say you want a tall and skinny 10×19″ canvas, simply crop you photo at 13×22″ (see photo on right)

This allows for some extra slack for our custom framers and production team during the stretching process.

1.5″ Depth: A deeper option, popular for larger pieces and gallery art.

Ideal dimensions for a 1.5 inch depth: 2 extra inches per side.

2.5″ Depth: This is the largest depth that CanvasPop offers. It’s the perfect style for extra-large gallery pieces. Tack on 3 inches per side for this depth.

So there you have it, photo wraps in a nutshell. It’s a simple technique, that when done well, can really make your canvas…pop! Have fun and feel free to show off your photo wraps on our Facebook page.