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Easy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Your poor dad. I think he’s had enough of bad ties and “Kiss the Cook” BBQ aprons.

Why not give a Father’s Day gift that’s not only original but made by you — some custom art!

Here’s a few ideas to help you get started:

Vintage Car Canvas

Classic car: Does you Dad have an object of affection other than your Mom? If he has a baby in his garage that he obsessively polishes every Sunday, take a picture of his favorite car and have it turned into a fabulous canvas art piece. Now he can gaze at his pride and joy during the winter months when it’s covered by a tarp in the garage.

Kids photo: What Dad doesn’t love a photo of his kids? You can’t really go wrong with a nice candid shot of a special moment.

Sports photo: Take that shot of Dad at the Superbowl, the Master’s or even at his beer league softball game and turn it into a custom canvas print for the rec room. Like the hall of fame but without the long boring speeches.

Vintage Dad Canvas

Vintage photo: You know those great new iPhone apps that make photos look vintage? Believe it or not that’s actually how photos used to look. Find a vintage photo of your Dad when he was younger, maybe even a shot of him with his Dad, and print it on canvas. Just make sure he doesn’t try to bring those awful pants back out of retirement.

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