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Design Tip: Printing Low Resolution Photos

Printing Low Resolution Photos

Ever wonder why an image off of the Internet never looks quite as good when you print it as it did on your computer screen?

Although CanvasPop specializes in printing low-resolution images, it is always easier, and gives you more options, if you can get the highest resolution image possible.

Resolution is best described as the tiny little pixels of color that make up a digital image. The fewer pixels there are the less crisp and clear your image will be. Resolution is commonly measured in pixels per inch (PPI). Web-based images and images intended for print require different levels of ppi in order to display sharply.

An example of a low resolution image would when you try to print a Facebook photo. While they often look great on your computer monitor, most online photos are sized at 72 ppi, great for web but not so great for enlarging or printing.

Keep this in mind when you download any web image for printing. Often websites will provide a link that allows you to download a higher resolution version of the image, try to use that one for print.

Larger images usually have a resolution of 150 ppi or 300 ppi. These are easier to enlarge for printing purposes because of the greater pixel density.

Image dimension and image resolution are often confused but in reality are completely different. An 8×10″ at 72 dpi vs. an 8×10″ at 150 dpi will have entirely different outcomes when printed out onto canvas.

Of course CanvasPop has a variety of ways to print low-resolution images on canvas and have them turn out spectacularly. So don’t be shy if your image is low resolution, we can help!