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5 Fantastic Corporate Art Ideas

No one wants to look at bare walls at work all day, and really, mass produced art tends to have a limit on being anywhere near inspirational. Gone are the days when the term “corporate art” concocted dry and lifeless images simply taking up space on a board room wall.

Hot off the [canvas] press are 5 Fanastic Corproate Art ideas. Get ready to get creative, just manage your productivity while doing so. 😉

(Oh… and get the laundry basket ready, we’re about to knock your clients socks off too!)

Your Logo on Canvas

#1. Brand Those Walls

Your marketing team has worked so hard on developing your brand and creating your logo. Why not show it off? Zappos, SpikeTV, Shopify and Expedia are doing it. Peer pressure.

twitter cloud - email

#2. A Fluffy (Twitter) Cloud

You spend so much time monitoring and managing your social media – it’s part of the voice of your company. How many great connections (and leads generated) have come from it? Celebrate it and show your clients you know what’s up on the interweb. Others are sure to “Follow”.

You can create your own word cloud at Tagxedo, or contact us and we’ll make it for you.

satellite image - email

#3. Location! Location! Location!

Work in an awesome neighbourhood, a cool building or funky location? Is the massive size of your office/facility something to gawk at? Show it off with a cool satellite photo! It’s a eye-catching visual for your front lobby.

You can find cool satellite images from NASA.

feature work - email

#4. Show Off!

Feature your best work as a work of art. We’re thinking screen shots of software, iPhone apps you created or images of the awesome products you make. Toss a funky Warhol-inspired filter on it and ta-da! Boom goes the dynamite.

The above shot is from our friends at Yankee Candle Company.

Digital Genome-Corp

#5. Number Crunching

Do metrics and number crunching make you giddy? Turn your coolest data into graphics. (We’ll even help to make the extra nerdy data beautiful as well – no nerd discrimination here.)

The visualization above was created for our friend Bruce Firestone by Enome. You can find other cool ways to visualize your data at Information Aesthetics.

No matter what your business, product or brand, we have corporate art inspirations to burn.

Visit our corporate art page to sign up for a free consultation or hit up our man Chris directly ( he’s anxiously waiting to make your corporate art dreams a reality 😉