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Print of the Day: Taksung Monastery, Bhutan

Print of the Day

Customer Name: Jason Yung

Size: 54″ x 36″ stretched, 1.5″ deep

Customer Location: Dartmouth, NS

Staff Pick By: Stacey

Artist’s Comment: “Bhutan is an absolute diamond in the rough sandwiched between India and Tibet with a true culture and identity of its own.  Just outside of Paro is Taktsang, or Tiger’s Nest, Monastery which is perched precariously on a cliff 900m above the valley below.  It is the site where it is believed that Guru Rinpoche brought Buddhism to Bhutan by flying on the back of a flying tigress from Tibet.  It is a two to three hour walk from the valley floor and along the way you see a small white building on the side of a cliff which slowly grows larger until you finally arrive to an astonishing and awe-inspiring view.  As the wind ruffles the prayer flags, it is believed that a prayer is sent to Lord Buddha.  Taktsang monastery is a truly incredible place on Earth.”

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