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CanvasPop Hearts iPhone Photo Apps

We know it’s not the first time we’ve said this, but we really love to print iPhone photos!  What we love most is impressing people with the awesome filters they can apply to the pictures.  It makes them look amazing on canvas, just ask Bryce Casselman and Todd Berhard.

Now, if your love your iPhone and we love your iPhone photos, that pretty much makes us family, right?  In an effort to get to know our “family” better, we tried out some of the most popular iPhone photo apps right here at CanvasPop headquarters.


PHOTOSHAKE allows you to easily combine one or more photos to make your very own collages.  You just upload or take pictures right then (what we did), chose your layout and then shake that iPhone like a polaroid picture!  The app shuffled the photos around into what you see.  We picked the frame and gave that a pop of color.




HIPSTAMATIC was very interactive and makes you feel like a real photographer.  With this app, you get to look through and choose different kinds of camera lenses, film and flash types.  Then, you take a picture using those and depending on the combination you get different results.  Here’s CanvasPop’s resident DJ “Juice”, he’s also a very talented frame maker and was hard at work.  This image was made using a Buckhorst H1 lens, Ina’s 1969 film and no flash.





CAMERA+ is an app for the wanna-be photography pro.  There are so many fantastic features on this app that we didn’t know where to start!  We decided to sneak up on Stacey, one of our awesome graphic designers busy working, to take a sneaky peak at what she was up to.  Using the app, we made the image on her computer screen the focus and applied a filter to make it pop.  Then why not make it look like an old school polaroid.





CARTOONATIC lets you take cartoon-like pictures and promises to show you the world in a whole new “cartoonatic” way.  We love this shot with the big “MAKE ART NOT WAR” wall decal behind Shipper Extraordinaire Ian.  Make sure to take note of our values too!  Those make up who we are as a company and we live by ’em!  This app helps us to “Be Fun” that’s for sure.






INSTAGRAM of course!  Last, but definitely not least.  We’re HUGE fans of this app, just one of the over 7 million people who are addicted.  It’s super simple, just take a picture and then you get to try out all different kinds of filters.  We had a hard time picking our fav to put on this snapshot of our printing/laminating area, but ended up deciding on the “Nashville” filter.  Instalicious!