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iPhone 4S Camera: First Photo Canvas Print Review

iPhone 4S Canvas Print Review

In case you didn’t know, we love our Apple products at CanvasPop and we specialize in printing iPhone photos. So naturally, we were seriously excited about the upcoming release of the iPhone 4S on October 14. It’s faster and it has better graphics performance but the most noticeable upgrade — the one that we’re the most excited about — is the totally revamped 8-megapixel camera!

Now, all this hype is great, but the true test of image quality is what we do every day here: printing iPhone photos to canvas. We work with all kinds of images from different phones and there are any number of places where an image from a smartphone can go wrong. From grainyness to dull, muted colours, lack of definition, the list goes on. When Apple released several sample images of just what the 4S is capable of producing, there was no way that we could resist seeing how they printed.

iPhone 4S Canvas Print Review

Lo and behold, the printed image came out stellar. Even enlarged to a final size of 18″ x 24″, it retained all of its detail with not even a hint of a pixel showing in the finished print.

Apple has nailed it by totally changing the optics of the iPhone’s camera. Normally, when it comes to imaging, people get really excited about how many megapixels a camera can capture. What’s actually more important is the quality of the sensor behind the lens. That’s what absorbs all of the light information which comprises a photo. The 4S includes a better sensor along with a wider aperture. A wider aperture means the camera is more capable of recieving light. More light means — once again — more detail.

It’s entirely possible that the iPhone 4S comes loaded with one of the highest quality onboard cameras in any smartphone to date. Imagine the endless possibilities.