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CanvasPop Fights Back Against Fine Lines & Photo Bombers!

Want see how you would look after some plastic surgery minus the pain and the dent in your savings account? CanvasPop is excited to introduce Digital Facelift™ as a result of overwhelming customer demand for the service when printing photos on canvas. Using a combination of software, proprietary techniques and human craftsmanship, our designers can now finesse your image to make a dramatic difference, but not so much that it doesn’t look like you.

This is just one of the additions to our brand new three-tier line-up of image enhancement services. In addition to CanvasPop’s free Picture Perfect™ service that provides complimentary color correction, red-eye reduction and other minor image adjustments, customers can now order a number of photo enhancement services that range from minor alterations to complete photo reconstruction, starting at $9.95.

“Just a Touch” ($9.95) is for when your image needs a little extra shine.
Removing facial blemishes, adding text, teeth whitening and removal of small objects and imperfections.

With “Make it Pop” ($29.95), we will transform your image into a materpiece!
Add or remove people (your ex or photobombers), Digital Facelift™ and large object removal.

“Extreme Enhancement” ($49.95) is for those photos that need complete restoration.
Complete background replacement, repair of old faded/torn photos, etc. Let your photo editing dreams come to life!

Check out our gallery below and click here to get started with enhancing your images. Join us on the mission of making beautiful art!