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CanvasPop Loves to Print Instagram Photos

It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. CanvasPop has joined forces with the hugely popular iPhone app, Instagram, to make the world’s most stunning art. By integrating the Instagram API on our website, we have created a simple and fun way for Instagram users to print iPhone photos in large format.

Early on, we recognized similarities between our customers and Instagram users. Both are early adopters who love taking pictures and are influential within their communities. When our forward-thinking customers and even our staff, who are addicted to the photo app, started to print Instagram photos on canvas, we knew it was something we needed to jump on!

The Instagram community is made up of over 10 million users who have uploaded over 150 million images and counting. That’s 1.3 million uploads each day! We even previewed these to some of the Instagram crew on a recent trip to San Franciso for “1197”, the 1st mobile phone photography conference. They were blown away by the quality.

How do we do it, you ask? We’ve created a proprietary technique that allows lower resolution Instagram photos to be enlarged and look beautiful. Plus, canvas is a medium that is naturally forgiving to low-res images because it’s textured and porous, as opposed to a high-gloss paper. Keep in mind Instagram pics are naturally lo-fi with heavy color saturation, their own filters and blurring. Our final product really shows off the Instagram aesthetic to its fullest potential!

Here’s the skinny: We have specifically selected two sizes (12” x 12”, 20″ x 20”), two border color options (black or white) and one border depth (1.5”) to ensure the process is quick and easy. Since the process is streamlined, we’ve hooked you up with special pricing specifically for Instagram users. They look fantastic in multi-canvas layouts and a 12” x 12” is just $29.95, a 20” x 20” is $59.95. It’s affordable and easy to make an entire wall of art with each piece being a unique reflection of it’s owner.

Visit to get started and join us on the mission of making beautiful personalized art from your iPhone photos.