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Get Perspective and Print Instagram Photos

We’ve launched our new Instagram integration and want to print your Instagram photos on canvas! Whether you’re a newbie or addict, we’re featuring a series of tips, tricks and techniques to help you harness the power of your iPhone’s camera, unleash your creativity, and capture the world around you.

But first, let’s start with some basics!

Make sure your iPhone’s camera lens is clean.
It sounds like a no-brainer, but a fingerprint and grime-free lens isn’t always top-of-mind. Make an effort to give the lens a little cleaning with a soft cloth (or sleeve!) at least once a day.

Have fun with filters.
Instagram comes with 15+ pre-programmed filters to give your photos some pizazz right off the hop. Spot a man on the street wearing a 70’s tracksuit? Filter him into his own era with the “1977” filter. Snap a photo of your little girl with an ear-to-ear grin? Preserve her innocence in black and white with the “Inkwell” filter.

Get perspective.
Shooting from different perspectives can turn an ordinary photo into something extraordinary, just by playing with composition through angles, space, depth, and distance.

These were taken with Instagram, but are completely different images thanks to a little experimentation (and filter fun!).

Follow some new friends and #tag your photos.
Browse Instagram for photos and follow new people to see the world in a different light, be inspired, and share your photos. And don’t forget that Instagram supports hashtags—like #CanvasPop—to catagoerize your photos and help others discover them. Tag your photos with #CanvasPop for a chance to win an Instagram Photo of the Day Award and a free Instagram photo on canvas!