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CanvasPop Feelin’ the Love: Media Edition

It has been an amazing couple of weeks since we started to print Instagram photos. Our fans and followers have been great with helping to spread the word. We’ve also grabbed the attention of some of the most influential media.  Here’s a sampling of some of the love we’ve been getting:

“Over 10 million people have created artful iPhonography with Instagram, but they’ve never seen their masterpieces any bigger than a Postagram postcard. But now, thanks to a peculiar synergy between the mediums and a secret algorithm, CanvasPop has found a way to blow up Instagrams and print them as beautiful canvas paintings.”
– Josh, Constine, TechCrunch 

“The company sent over a 12″ x 12″ sample developed with an Instagram shot I took at Kate Spade’s Spring 2012 presentation in October. I was impressed with the quality, particularly given the original image is 612 x 612 pixels at a resolution of 72 dpi.”
– Lauren Indvik, Mashable 

“Mix the digital world with the real world… be sure to order a small gaggle to make your own hipster-filter gallery.”

“These prints are high quality, featuring a canvas wrap over a wood frame. Canvaspop even puts little clear silicone bumpers on the bottom back of the print to complete the professional touches.”
– Steven Sande, TUAW 

“CanvasPop’s Instagram prints will transport your photos out of your iPhone and onto the walls of your home. It’s perfect for any iPhone photographer who wants to give their Instagram shots another life. If you love the photo-sharing, social networking app, you’ll adore the beautiful CanvasPop prints.”
– Alexandra Chang, MacWorld 

“It’s an awesome way to brighten your living room with personal photography direct from your iPhone.”
– Nick Schonberger, Complex 

“If you’re worried that the camera on your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 isn’t good enough for top-notch quality canvas prints, fret not. The folks over at CanvasPop are experts at upsizing images.”
– Kelly Montgomery, Digital Trends