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Congratulations to the #IWontGiveUp Contest Winners!

When we presented the #IWontGiveUp Contest with Jason Mraz, we knew his fans were hardcore. But they blew us all away and submitted 9,000+ entries, leaving Jason Mraz and his team to pour through the amazing photos and somehow choose only 25 winners. CanvasPop is excitedly printing these Instagram photos on canvas in time for their big unveiling in NYC next week at an exclusive event. Congratulations to these IGers!


Jason summed up the powerful imagery of the winning photos:

The word love spelled in cursive within the loop and curl of a child’s shoelaces; compelling, cinematic images of the natural world, our home planet; gripping family portraits; honor and glory; and a few that are just plain adorable are descriptions of some of the winning images of the #IWONTGIVEUP Photo Contest presented by @CanvasPop that will soon be enlarged, canvased and stretched and on display in a NYC art gallery.

For me, the most difficult part in choosing only a few images of many thousands submitted, is that I could not select my own, and neither did my voting committee select my submissions either. DANG! Anyway, congratulations to the winners. I love going to art galleries and I look forward to your opening.

—YOU DID IT! xo Jason

We’re stoked for next week’s art gallery opening—check back for photos of the event!