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Framed: David O’Sullivan (aka Juice)

CanvasPop staff are some of the most creative people around. And it’s not just our designers who pack an artistic punch—our staff are also photographers, writers, artists and musicians. Framed is our blog segment where we showcase the amazing talents of CanvasPop staffers. 

Meet David O’Sullivan—we affectionately call him Juice. He rocks it out in our Production Department by day, but can be found writing, sketching, painting and taking photos when he’s not at work. Sometime’s he’s even drawing at CanvasPop—check out his chalk drawings in our bathroom above.

“I’m inspired and influenced by comic books, street art—especially Banksy, and I really like the urban scene,” he says. “I try to do something creative every day.”

Juice is currently really passionate about photography and first got into the mobile photo space in March 2011, shortly after starting at CanvasPop. His keen eye for awesome urban sights has landed him his first show at Oh So Good (25 York Street in Ottawa, ON), where he’s featured until March 13. His work will also be included in the Basement Artists show on March 10.

Check out some of Juice’s work below and follow him on Instagram: IAmJuice