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Canvas Print of the Day: Jaipur, India

Customer Name: Sylvie Hebert
Size: 12×12″ stretched canvas
Staff Pick By: Tyler

Photo Location: Just outside of the City Palace at the heart of the Pink City (Jaipur) in India.

Artist Comment: “Those men are genuine snake charmers, and those are real cobras. They actually wanted me to go sit by them… which I graciously declined (read: I ran away like the coward that I am!). This was just one of the many incredible things I got to see in India. And, one of my favorite pictures from my two week, unforgettable trip.”

Congrats to Sylvie, who won a free canvas for this submission. Want to win? Enter your photo in the Canvas Print of the Day contest after you place your order, and your photo could be featured here!

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