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5 Spring Decor Tips for Your Home

Spring has sprung and we want to help you celebrate the season with some simple decor tips. As new life begins to bloom outside, it’s only natural to want to spruce up your home. Here are 5 ideas to freshen up your space!

ONE: Save the paint! Spring is about bright hues and cool tones. Before you jump in with both feet and paint your kitchen turquoise, create a new canvas print—it’s like repainting a whole room without the mess or hassle. Also focus on functional accents to make your space feel alive. We love how the kettle and mugs accentuate the sky in the custom photo on canvas above!

TWO: Experiment with texture. We naturally want to touch and feel everything around us. Did you know that adding texture to a space will make it feel more inviting and add depth? Get a few new throw pillows, a new bedspread or re-cover your dining chairs—a little texture goes a long way!

THREE: Create a focal point. To draw the eye toward something you want to highlight, build on existing showpieces in the room. If you have a fireplace. create an even bigger impact with a stunning photo on canvas above it. Switch your sofa or bed so it faces you upon entering the room, then draw the eye up with interesting features—a hanging light, tall headboard or even a photo wall.

FOUR: Create fresh art. Your walls need attention, too! Get your photos out of the digital world and turn them into something you can admire everyday. Print iPhone photosFacebook photos or any other photos on canvas to show off your favorite shots. It’s an easy way to personalize and brighten your space!

FIVE: De-clutter your space! We’ve all heard it—”less is more”—but it’s hard to take the plunge and purge. Take advantage of the fresh air and spring in your step to get rid of items you’re no longer using. It’s amazing what an uncluttered room feels like, and it gives you the opportunity to really showcase the things you truly love.

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