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AppLove: Lens Light Tutorial

AppLove is a CanvasPop blog series on the latest and greatest mobile photography apps, written by #twosisters Ali Jardine and Mis Vincent. In this edition, Ali explores the Lens Light app to help you add a bit of sparkle and magic to your photos.

Lens Light is one of my favorite apps. It brings something to the table that is extremely hard to grasp in real life-magic! Lens Light is my go-to app whenever I’m creating surreal and fantasy photos. If I have a beautiful dusk sky, a moon and stars added with Lens Light just give the photo a little more life and make the image more special.  It is extremely easy to use, as long as it is not overused! A little bit of this magic goes a long way.

For example, this photo was pretty, but needed something to make it a little warmer, a little more exciting. I loaded the photo into Lens Light. It is always fun to play around with this app, as the possibilities are endless!








This is the tool bar. The sparkle button on the left brings up a bar to help control the effect you are using. The circle button takes you to the effects. The camera button gives you the choice of choosing a photo from your library or taking a photo. The first arrow button lets you render the effect you choose, allowing you to chose another effect. It also lets you save your work or save the effect by itself. The ‘i’ button gives you directions on how to use the app, and the final arrow button puts away the tool bar so the image can clearly be seen.


Here is a look at some of the awesome effects on Lens Light. You can also add lens dust by checking the box.


 The first effect I used was the Sun. A beach needs a sun, right?


I rendered the effect and then added Rainbow Spikes.


Rendering one last time, I finished my photo with the Yellow Ring.

When you’re done with your photo, you can either send it to another app, save it, or email it.

I hope that you enjoyed learning about Lens Light (available for iOS), now go make some magic!

Ali Jardine is an iPhoneographer who is rather nomadic but for now resides on the ruggedly wild Sonoma coast of California with her husband, Jason and their two children, Gabriel and Pippin. Right now she is obsessed with alternate universes, flight in all its forms, and volkswagen buses. Nothing makes her happier than traveling with her family and taking photos.

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