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AppLove: Camera+ Tutorial

AppLove is a CanvasPop blog series on the latest and greatest mobile photography apps, written by #twosisters Ali Jardine and Mis Vincent. In this edition, Ali explores Camera+ — a staple app in her iPhoneography arsenal. 

Camera+ is one of the first apps that I bought for my iPhone. Since then, many apps have come and gone, but Camera+ has held a coveted spot in my main photo editing app folder and is still used on a regular basis. The camera works well, it has a lightbox to store photos that I’m working on, and it is extremely simple to use.



When you open the camera, the home page consists of flash button where you can choose flash off, auto, on, and flashlight. The right top corner button gives the option to turn the camera toward yourself. The slider bar on the right is the zoom, and the camera screen has a grid making it easy to line up the subject you’re shooting.











The bottom bar holds your lightbox, the button to take your photo, settings, and menu. The Lightbox stores all of your photos that have either taken with Camera+ or have imported in from your library. In addition to the camera button, Camera+ also allows you to take a photo using Iphone’s volume button, which I find is easier to do. Settings include normal mode, stabilizer, timer, and burst, and menu has quality resolution settings among other things like grid and zoom, which you can turn off when when they aren’t needed.









Lightbox is very simple to use. There is a save all button in the top left corner, and the plus sign in the Left top corner takes you to your camera roll to import photos. The camera button in the bottom left takes you back to the camera, and the stacks button lets you save or share multiple photos. The share button allows sharing through email, message, web link, or social media like Facebook and Twitter. The undo button will bring back a photo if it was accidentally erased, and the menu button takes you back to menu.









Just click on a photo in Lightbox to edit. There are many lighting options in scenes. For this photo, I used Shade. You can rotate your photo using the Adjust button, crop using the Crop button, add effects using the FX Effects button, and add a border or vignette using the Borders button. I cropped my photo into a square.











The Effects include Color, Retro, Special, and Analog which is an add on that must be purchased separately.















I used Magic Hour for my photo and toned the intensity down a bit.













I used a thin white border. At this time, you can also add a caption or a date to your photo.













When you are done, click on the done button and save your photo from Lightbox to your camera roll or share directly from Lightbox.




Here is my final photo. Camera+ is a great app for beginners, because it is very self explanatory and simple to use. Have fun editing and please stop by @alijardine to say hi on Instagram!

Thanks for this great tutorial, Ali! We can’t wait to see everyone’s creations using this app. Share a link to one of your Camera+ photos in the comments below and you could win your photo on canvas

Ali Jardine is an iPhoneographer who is rather nomadic but for now resides on the ruggedly wild Sonoma coast of California with her husband, Jason and their two children, Gabriel and Pippin. Right now she is obsessed with alternate universes, flight in all its forms, and volkswagen buses. Nothing makes her happier than traveling with her family and taking photos. Check out Ali’s blog.