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AppLove: Flowpaper Tutorial

AppLove is a CanvasPop blog series on the latest and greatest mobile photography apps, written by #twosisters Ali Jardine and Mis Vincent. In this tutorial, Ali explores Flowpaper, a cool drawing app for your iPhone. 

is a drawing tool that allows you to create works of art using physics-based “webbing” that can be added to a background or to your photos uploaded to the app.  It is extremely simple to use, fun, and always adds interesting touches to iPhone art.



When the app is opened, there is a toolbar at the bottom with a wheel, an arrow, an undo arrow, and a trash can.












If you want to use the app as a canvas and create a drawing on a background, click the wheel.  Here you will find different brushes, where you can control length, flow, opacity, and color. You can also pick your background color.











If you want to upload your own photo to work with, click on the arrow pointing down. Here you will also find the save and share buttons.  Images can be saved in normal and high resolutions  and can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and emailed directly from the app.










To get started, upload a photo and then go into the wheel and pick a color and the type of brush needed. Using one finger, draw onto the photo. Positioning can be tricky, and it may take a while to get exactly what you want. One of the best features of this app is the undo and trash can buttons.

To undo your last mark, click the undo button. To start completely over, hit the trash can. The photo will remain, but will be completely clean.  Work that has been accidentally deleted can be brought back back by clicking on undo as long as no other marks were made after deleting.

I added a small amount of flowpaper to make a net, adjusted the opacity and added the reflection.




My finished image is above! Below are a few others I used Flowpaper to create. Go make some art!

Ali Jardine is an iPhoneographer who is rather nomadic but for now resides on the ruggedly wild Sonoma coast of California with her husband, Jason and their two children, Gabriel and Pippin. Right now she is obsessed with alternate universes, flight in all its forms, and volkswagen buses. Nothing makes her happier than traveling with her family and taking photos. Check out Ali’s artwork.