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AppLove: Picfx Tutorial

AppLove is a CanvasPop blog series on the latest and greatest mobile photography apps, written by #twosisters Melissa Vincent and Ali Jardine. In this edition, Melissa explores one of her top photo apps, Picfx. 

Anyone who loves to edit photos on their iPhone should have Picfx. It is one of my top favorite photo apps for it’s ease of use and versatility. You can create vintage looks, black and whites, add lights such as bokeh, and turn a normal night sky into one with millions of stars.


When you load your photo into the app, this is the screen you will see.

I uploaded a sunset picture. You can also take a photo with the app with the camera button. If you want to upload a different photo, push the stacked square icon to the right of the camera button. This will let you chose from your library.










At the bottom of the screen you will see different sets/filters available such as classics, vintage, urban, textures, and many more. Each one of these sets has several subsets in them. This image shows some of the subsets in “Textures”. I used the “Paper” filter in Textures to add to my sunset picture.










My favorite set is “Space”. This is where you can turn a night sky into a starry one even if there are no stars in sight. Under “Space”, I used the “Galactic” subset for this photo.











I don’t like how dark this made the photo. If you touch the picture, a bar will come up on the right. You can adjust the strength of the filter with this bar. I move it down half way and the picture now looks like this.

Also, notice when touching the photo, an “Original” and “Rotate” button also come up on the screen. Pressing the original button will erase any filter added. The rotate button will rotate the filter around the photo allowing you to place the light and stars where you want them to be. This can be done with all the other sets/filters as well.







Another really cool aspect of Picfx is the “Stylize” button, which allows you to turn any of the filters black and white, sepia, dark, bright, vintage, and various colors. I used sepia under stylize for my sunset with the “Galactic” subset under “Space”. Here what the final photo looks like.

Now you can make your own starry night! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on Picfx.







Thanks, Melissa! We’d love to see the photos you create with Picfx—share links in the comments below for your chance to win a photo on canvas.

About Melissa Vincent: Trying to show the world a beautiful side to Mississippi. Lover of nature and magic and making surreal southern art with my iPhone. Stop by and say hi on Instagram or Twitter and check out her art.