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Domicile Launches The Kavanaugh Condo Project

Our friends at Domicile recently opened the sales centre for their newest condo project, The Kavanaugh, which will be completed in Ottawa’s Beechwood neighbourhood during the summer of 2014. They wanted to breathe new life into their floor plans and create a gallery-vibe for the opening, so we printed their stunning artwork on canvas.

The “exhibit” features all 26 floor plans on canvas, plus 13 artist renderings. Domicile also lovingly displayed 25 canvases to show off the views from the units, plus photos of Beechwood’s iconic landmarks.

“The success of The Kavanaugh sales launch was, in part, assured by the impact delivered through CanvasPop’s vibrant prints of our display material. Needless to say, we are pleased with this new business relationship,” said David H. Chick, Vice-President of Domicile.

The Kavanaugh building will be four and ten storeys, with ground floor retail and residential condo suites above on the 2nd through 10th storeys. The project features approximately 130 suites with a large variety of layouts.

Domicile’s passion is building condo projects whose style and quality add even more charm to already lively urban communities in Ottawa. This company has mastered the art of urban infill- for over the past 35 years, delivering something unique to home buyers who want to revel in urban life.

Photos by CanvasPop staffer Steve Smith