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Head to Head: Facebook Camera vs. Instagram

Have you checked out the new Facebook Camera app? Since you can connect directly to your Facebook and Instagram accounts with CanvasPop to print photos on canvas, we thought it would be fun to compare the print quality of photos from each application.

We took a photo on an iPhone 4, imported it into both apps, and chose similar filters (“Bright” in Facebook Camera, “X-Pro II” in Instagram). After publishing the photos on both networks, we connected to Facebook and Instagram to order 20×20″ canvas prints, then compared the details.

What are your predictions—which app produced the better print? Check out some of the quality differences below.

ABOVE: The flower stem on the left is a little bit sharper.

ABOVE: The edges of the flower on the right are more pixelated.

Did you guess that the Facebook Camera app would produce a crisper image? You’re right!

Even though both canvases look great, the Facebook canvas is a notch better. We compared the file specs of the photos that were pulled from the apps when we connected via CanvasPop.

Facebook Camera Instagram
File Size: 537 KB
DPI: 72
Image size (Pixels): 1709×2048
Color Profile: Adobe RGB 1998
File size: 160 KB
DPI: 72
Image Size (Pixels): 612×612
Color Profile: Adobe RGB 1998

We were impressed with the image size of the Facebook upload—it’s more than 3x bigger than the Instagram version. But regardless of which app you use, we can print your favorite photos on canvas and they’ll look AMAZING!