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AppLove: Image Blender Tutorial

AppLove is a CanvasPop blog series on the latest and greatest mobile photography apps, written by #twosisters Melissa Vincent and Ali Jardine. In this edition, Melissa walks us through her fave image blending app: Image Blender. 

If you’ve ever wanted to blend two images into one, Image Blender is a must have photo editing app. You can create double exposures with control, use multiple blending modes, and it saves the image with the same resolution as the background image you upload.



When you open the app, you will need to click on the square at the bottom lefthand corner to upload your background image. You can choose to take a photo, pick one from your library, or upload from the Camera+ app. I picked a picture I took at the lake.









Next, I’m going to upload my foreground photo.  I would like to have a bird in the photo, so I will upload a picture of a bird in the sky that I have in my library.









As you can see, the bird is too far down on the photo.  I want to move the bird into the sky.  To do this, I tap once on the screen and an option appears to arrange or mask the image.  I clicked on “Arrange”, so I can move the bird into the sky. If I wanted, I could use the mask option to erase parts of the foreground image of the bird.

At the bottom of the screen is a bar that will adjust the strength of the top image.  I’m going to leave it where it is at 50%. Once I have the image how I want it, I click “use” in the top upper hand corner. Now I have the option of saving the image or clicking “blend” which will allow me to use multiple blending modes. For this photo, I will use the blend option.




I chose the “Hard Light” filter because it makes the two pictures look more like one photo.  I still need to use the masking tool to make the picture have a more realistic look. I click on the photo once and choose “mask”.  I erase around the bird for the final look.









Here’s the final image!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on my favorite blending app, Image Blender.  Now go get creative and combine your own masterpiece!







Thanks, Melissa! We’d love to see the photos you create with Image Blender—share links in the comments below.

About Melissa Vincent: Trying to show the world a beautiful side to Mississippi. Lover of nature and magic and making surreal southern art with my iPhone. Stop by and say hi on Instagram or Twitter and check out her art.