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5 Photo Tips for Moms

Kids just won’t stop growing, will they?! If you’re like us, you’re trying to capture their every moment on camera. Here are some tips from Live, Snap, Love to help you take better photos of your wee ones.

Children are one of the most difficult portrait photography subjects — they don’t take any direction, won’t sit still and zoom around at 100 miles an hour! These five practical photography tips for moms will help you get the best out of your camera and create some timeless images…

1) Give them something to do. Children never spend long in one place unless they are engaged in something. It could be painting, playing with sand, playing dress up, going on the swing — whatever your child likes to do! This will keep them focused while you take candid and natural shots of them at play, plus you’ll get a sense of WHO your children are through what they are doing.

2) Get down to their level. It’s much better to crouch and get on their level — this helps you see things from their perspective, giving you a better angle to capture different facial expressions, plus it won’t look like they are dwarfed in every photograph!

3) Shoot in continous or burst mode. This can make such a difference to the “hit” rate of getting good shots. You’ll get a better range of facial expressions and the number of shots with their eyes closed in mid blink will decrease!

4) Take lots of photos. One of the major benefits of digital photography is that it costs nothing to take a photograph. A professional photographer will take hundreds of shots during a photo shoot and narrow them down to show you, and of those, you will only end up buying a couple! Use the same principle when taking photos at home. Just be ruthless when it comes to deleting!

5) Relax and have fun. Let your kids be themselves. If that means going off to explore, let them go. You’ll get much better pictures if your kids are enjoying themselves rather than trying to put on a nice smile for you.

Remember, they don’t need to be smiling, looking at the camera or even facing it for you to get a good shot. And never, ever get them to say “cheese!!”.