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Affordable Art by Tyler van der Hoeven

Every photo has a story, and this Tyler van der Hoeven print has a great one. We’ve launched his canvas print on LTD. by CanvasPop this week, starting at $49 for a 12×14″ canvas print.

Tyler took this photo in Mongolia at Har Nuur (Black Lake). He drove for six hours through a trackless wasteland with his Mongolian guide before camping overnight in the sandy dessert that surrounds the lake. It was freezing — the lake was crusted with ice — and he remembers getting butterflies in his stomach after realizing how lucky he was to be photographing this desolate and magnificent corner of the earth.

We asked Tyler to describe his work and his inspiration — here’s some insights into his state of mind when he’s behind the lens:

Art is an expression. A collection of snapshots and snippets influenced by our history, emotions, experiences, beliefs, values…  Whether it be photography, music, painting or web design we recreate who we are through our art. My mission as a photographer is not primarily to make a lot of money or obtain fame through my work. It is to express accurately who I am as an individual and thereby impress upon others to do the same through their own creative abilities.”

Check out this affordable art and transform a corner of your home into something special.

Expression his passion, digital photography his means, Tyler van der Hoeven is a relatively new photographer quickly turning heads as his work begins to circulate due to its unique, emotive, expressive nature. A pro of no specific photographic genre Tyler chooses rather to masterfully bring himself into each image he takes. From shooting motocross and far away landscapes, to hand drawing typography or fixing last night’s dinner, you can be sure it will be distinctly Tyler V. Follow Tyler on Twitter and Instagram.

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