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AppLove: Mobile Monet Tutorial

AppLove is a CanvasPop blog series on the latest and greatest mobile photography apps, written by #twosisters Ali Jardine and Mis Vincent. In this quick tutorial, Ali explores Mobile Monet, an iPhone app that turns your photos into museum-worthy masterpieces.

Mobile Monet is a great app that creates great art from your photos. It’s extremely easy to use and makes those plain photos look amazing!





When the app is opened, you are given a choice to grab a photo from your library, take a photo with the camera, or if you have worked on a photo and saved it to the clipboard you can paste it and continue working on it.










After choosing a photo, this screen allows you to choose your line thickness, blackness, and paint using the three tools at the bottom.  The pen includes line width, intensity, and lets you control grey and black areas as well as color.  The hand symbol lets you work on a smaller area, brush color using your finger, and erase unwanted color.  The artist palette is the key to color vibrance, brightness, colors, softness, and monochrome choices.










The top bar allows you to to go back to recent projects, undo, redo, and save projects.  The question mark explains further how to use the app. Mobile Monet saves photos to your photo library, and can send your photo to email, Instagram, and other social media sites as well as other apps.









Here are some other photos I’ve edited with Mobile Monet:

Thanks for this Mobile Monet, Ali! We’d love to see everyone’s creations using this app. Share a link to one of your creations in the comments below and you could win your photo on canvas

Ali Jardine is an iPhoneographer who is rather nomadic but for now resides on the ruggedly wild Sonoma coast of California with her husband, Jason and their two children, Gabriel and Pippin. Right now she is obsessed with alternate universes, flight in all its forms, and volkswagen buses. Nothing makes her happier than traveling with her family and taking photos. Check out Ali’s artwork.