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Affordable Art by Torrey Loomis

Torrey Loomis Canvas Print

We’re super excited to feature work by San Francisco based photographer, Torrey Loomis on LTD. by CanvasPop this week! His stunning photo of the San Francisco Bay Bridge at Night took our breath away. This Torrey Loomis print starts at $99 for a 20×30″ canvas print!

Torrey Loomis is an American filmmaker, executive producer, photographer, and studio owner, and is best known for films such as Bloodline and Cafe (starring Jennifer Love Hewitt).

As owner of Silverado Studios, Torrey contributes to production on features as well as non-cinema projects such as music videos, political ads, documentaries, and reality television shows.

Torrey has recently taken his motion picture cinematography skills and applied them to stills. His first series “San Francisco at Night” has, until now, been displayed privately.


“I like beautiful, iconic pictures. Its easy to find beauty in things if you look. I enjoy the ability to take digital tools and bring out something that people have never seen before.” – Torrey Loomis

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