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Affordable Art for Olivia Hendren

Don’t you just love black and white photos? This week on LTD. by CanvasPop we’re featuring an amazing Olivia Hendren canvas print called “Unveiled”. This tender yet striking piece of art will create an immediate focal point in any room.

Olivia’s portfolio is vast and emotional. She says “loneliness” is a recurring theme in her work: “The feeling of being lonely is something we can all relate to; and being able to control that feeling, to hang on to it — in a world that seems to be shrinking all the time due to the connective power of global media networks — is a powerful thing.”

Olivia Hendren is an emerging artist in nature and landscape fine art photography. She is instinctively drawn towards and inspired by water but often incorporates nature’s other elements into her work as well. She loves to capture images that take her and her audience to a tranquil state of mind. Olivia was born and raised in North Carolina and currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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