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CanvasPop Needs Your Help to Win a #Crunchie Award

We need your help to win a Techcrunch #Crunchie for Best Bootstrapped Startup!

Without you, our clients, friends, supporters, and dedicated team of employees — CanvasPop could not exist. When Nazim and I started this business with just a few thousand dollars and a dream (from Nazim’s apartment) we never imagined where this adventure would take us. As many of you may know we created CanvasPop by spinning it out of our first company DNA 11 in late 2009. At the time we were around 9 employees in a tiny, cramped 2500 sq foot office. By working hard, believing in our vision and hiring a great team around us we were able to create a profitable company.

We reinvested almost every dollar we made back into our company and stayed focused on making great things, never sacrificing quality, and above all else treating our customers like gold. The word got out and today it’s hard to believe we have over 50 full-time employees and those 2500 feet of office space are now over 23,000 thousand sq feet of heaven where we continue to create the world’s most personalized art prints for tens of thousands of clients across North America. Last year we opened up our Las Vegas art factory and were the first company to create large format prints from Instagram photos.

We’ve been growing at nearly 80% year-over-year since launch. It’s really amazing what we’ve been able to accomplish without taking on any outside investment. I really feel like we are the definition of a Bootstrapped Startup. We’re proud of that.

Now, we need your help. With the power of a mouse click you can help us win the coveted Techcrunch Crunchie Award for Best Bootstrapped Startup.

Here’s how you can help- it only takes about 5 seconds and it would mean alot to us:

1. Click here and click the nominate button.
2. After you click the nominate button help us spread the word by Tweeting about us or sharing your support on Facebook. Just click the “share” button.
3. Earn karma points and our everlasting gratitude.

Thank you in advance for taking a moment to help a small business with big dreams. We’re just getting started.

Keep dreaming,



Adrian and Nazim