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Curated by CanvasPop: Panoramic Edition

Curated by CanvasPop is a weekly blog series presenting incredible photos or art submitted to us by our customers. Check back on Thursdays to see which photos have been chosen!

This week we wanted to pay homage to the power of the panoramic photo — so we dug up a few beautiful submissions by some of our awesome customers. No matter what the content is, panoramic canvases make a huge statement piece in any space. We are so excited to see how these prints turn out — stunning!

A gorgeous night-time cityscape captured by Justin V.L. — shooting it as a panoramic allows us to see so much more. The colors in the sky are breathtaking!

This photo submitted to us by Andrew T. is so beautiful! It immediately caught our eye during our search.

Amazing colors, subject, and sky. We just love this photo submitted by Mike J. — summed up in one word, it is glorious!

This is a great way to capture a wedding memory, we love how unique the photographer made this shot just by capturing it panoramic style. Thanks to Rola H. for the submission!

Looking to print panoramic photos? Check us out! We’ve got a ton of custom and standard sizes available.