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Samantha Lee on Instagram

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Meet Samantha Lee, creator of the blog Eatsy Bitzy and culinary artist extraordinaire! We were blown away when we recently came across her creative, and imaginative account on Instagram. Samantha specializes in Charaben making — the art of creating scenes or characters with food. She started this hobby in 2008, to appease her two young daughters, and is still going strong today. Her Instagram account is filled with over 200 photos of her unique Charaben creations. Each and every Instagram she posts, is beautifully laid out, and painstakingly detailed. We love the care that she takes to make every photo, and every background just perfect.

With over 100 million users on Instagram today, it’s refreshing to see someone who can really stand out in a crowd. She’s certainly given some inspiration for cool Instagram canvas print ideas for the kitchen!

Are there any Instagram accounts you follow for inspiration? Share with us in the comments!