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Camera+ Version 3.6 Review

Mobile Monday is a weekly CanvasPop blog series featuring reviews on some of the coolest mobile photography apps available. Check back on Mondays for a new review!

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Camera+ has recently rolled out some new updates for their iPhone app. The reviews out there seem to be extremely positive, with Today’s iPhone saying it’s “awesome new features, makes the app more powerful than ever…an absolute must-have for the casual photographer.” Here’s what we’ve learned about the changes:

The app’s developer, TapTapTap, has added a flash option to the front-facing camera. Now when you are trying to capture that perfect Twitter profile pic, you can get the perfect exposure even in the worst lighting. Due to this new feature, they do say “we predict the number of duckface photos taken around the world will increase…we apologize in advance.”

The app now makes it easier for you to take a perfectly straight photo by adding a new level to their camera. You can now match the horizon to the on-screen line, for no-tilt photos. Simple, effective, and useful. Perfect for those landscape or cityscape shots!

For the more advanced mobile photographers out there, this enhanced feature is probably the most exciting. The app has a new Live Exposure feature that allows you to see exactly how the photo will turn out before you take it. You can adjust your ISO and shutter speed, and view the results on-screen, as you’re prepping that perfect shot.

Along with these three big features, the new version also includes some basic camera improvements, bug fixes, and tweaks to the overall user experience. Just a few reasons why the makers are calling this update “Operation ÜberCam“!

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Hero image via MacRumors.