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Video by CanvasPop: 5 Short Films Shot with Mobile Phones

Video by CanvasPop is a weekly blog series displaying awe-inspiring videos regarding art, photography, or design. Check back on Saturdays for a new post!

At CanvasPop we know all too well the beauty of mobile photography (or phoneography) — but what about videography? Smartphones now have the ability to capture high definition, high quality videos that can easily be turned into a great film. You can even edit or add effects to your video directly from your phone with the right app. We’ve rounded up 5 amazing videos, all shot with mobile phones, for your viewing pleasure. Let us know what you think!

This film titled “Splitscreen: A Love Story” by James W. Griffiths, and was shot entirely with a Nokia N8 mobile phone. It is beautiful, and so well executed — we love the story it tells.

Galapagos” by Miguel Endara, was shot with an iPhone 4S and documents the director’s 2 week honeymoon on the islands. The video is filled with stunning scenery, and lots of beach shots. Incredible quality and color!

Framed“, with photography from Thomas Buthod, is a short film about a young photographer’s walk through the woods. It’s so well done, we can hardly believe it was shot with an iPhone 4S!

This short film by Benjamin Dowie was also shot with the iPhone 4S. It’s a gorgeous montage of shots from the beach, that the creator caught while testing out the video feature on his phone.

This last video was created by Garrett Murray, which he shot with his iPhone 4S. Titled “October in LA” , he wanted to capture a day at the beach during LA’s fall season.

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