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How to Care for Your Canvas Print

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Our team receives so many questions from customers who want to take good care of their new canvas photo print! While our prints are built to last, and guaranteed for life, they do need some TLC every now and then. Here are a few tips to keep your beloved pieces of art in tip-top shape:

All of our pieces are finished with an ultra-protective UV limiting lamination which will protect the material and inks. That being said, you should never hang any piece of art in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time. There is a chance you will see fading over time if you don’t give the canvas a break from the sun’s rays!

The canvas material that we use is a cotton blend, so it’s a natural product. If the canvas is hung in a spot that sees significant changes in temperature or humidity it  may cause the material to shrink or swell. Humidity can also be damaging to the wooden stretcher bars used to frame your canvas. Try to avoid hanging it in a bathroom with a steamy shower, and never hang it directly over a heat source.

We recommend using a soft duster to keep your canvas looking as good as new.  Every now and then, it doesn’t hurt to use a damp cloth to wipe it down as well. Stay away from using any abrasive cleaning products or tools on the canvas, as this can harm the laminate.

It’s important to keep your canvas covered if it’s going to be stored for awhile. This will keep it clean, and prevent build up of dirt or dust. Store your canvas in an upright position, and never put anything heavy on top of it. Over time, heavy pressure on the canvas could cause creases in the material which don’t always come out. Be careful not to store your canvas in a damp location!