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Creative Ways to Give a Gift Card

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If you were to quickly survey your family and friends, chances are many of them have gift cards at the top of their holiday wishlist. It’s a fool proof way to give a gift — easy, fun, and very useful! The one disadvantage to this gift idea, is it can at times lack personalization. So this year if you’ve decided on buying gift cards to your loved ones favorite places – or, ahem, maybe their favorite online canvas printing site – we’d like to suggest a few thoughtful and creative ways to gift them.

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This is by far our most favorite idea on the list, from Martha Stewart. If you’ve decided to give a CanvasPop gift card this Christmas, we suggest placing it in a box and topping your wrapping with a photo. Choose the recipient’s most cherished Facebook or Instagram photo to top the gift, so they have some inspiration for their photo to canvas print!

It’s always fun to keep a holiday theme in mind when choosing your wrapping! Check out this clever gift card wrapping suggestion we found via DIY Network. All it takes is a doily, some paper, ribbon, and a little bit of practice folding. Check out the steps on how to create this yourself here.

We love the idea of adding a monogram to gift wrapping! Such a fun way to add that personal touch. We found this idea from A Spoonful of Sugar, and think that anyone would appreciate the amount of thought that went into this kind of presentation.

Hand craft a little two-fold wallet to hold your gift card. This wrapping idea is both practical and on theme which we love! Learn how to make this awesome gift wallet from the queen of creativity herself, Martha Stewart.

An inventive way to add a bit of a home-made touch to your gift! Add a personalized gift tag to the jar to give it that extra special something. You can take a look at Cherished Bliss‘ mason jar gift card holder tutorial here.